• If you want to save a fortune on electricity, he is your man.
• He doesn’t just talk the talk this is how he lives.
• He is the go to guy for anything to do with house energy efficiency.

Murray Mclean

• I’ve built a lot of houses in the last forty years but nothing like John’s place.
• He has cleverly arranged for nature to naturally warm and cool his home for free.
• What he has done is a real eyeopener.
• Don’t build anything until you talk to him.
Bruce Moore

“I didn’t know that the option John suggested even existed.
After changing how I get my hot water I will save about $300 a year.”
Lynne Faulkner-Low

“We have a 5kW interactive system with the 54c feed but we were still getting a large quarterly bill”.
The information in the Energy Efficiency 101 webinars explains how to change all that.
If you want results, learn from an expert.
John is an expert.
Chayne Walsh

• The home he built is a bit like magic. It just seems to be so good for no apparent reason.
• Anyone who is going to build, learn what John knows first so your family can have what his family thinks is just normal.
• The Energy Efficiency 101 course is more than 20 years of real world experience handed to you in well organised, easy to understand, modules. It was just great
Brian Edwards

Pat Mesiti Interviews John Lynn

Live Testimonial by Ed Malone

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