Home Energy Efficiency Basics

Discover how to reduce your electricity bill by 10 , 20 or even 50%
The fundamentals in a nutshell.
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Instructional Videos

Practical tips and interviews with people who are already doing what you may be seeking to do.
Increase the thermal comfort of your home and reduce your electrical consumption.
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If you want a home that is thermally more comfortable, uses 40% less energy, is worth 15% more and rents for 7% more than the average house simply by design, then don’t even buy a block of land until you at least understand the basics.
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If you want to limit your dependency on the corporate systems, regain some sovereignty, reduce your footprint or simply just save money whilst improving your living standards, then you've come to the right place. See what this site is about and check out our videos in the services menu with free tips and advice from people who are already doing what you want to do.

Mums and Dads discover some clever tricks on how to reduce your electricity bill

Real Estate Agents do you want 15% more for each sale? Investors why not buy for 9.4% under market value and rent for 7% above.

To easily discover the most important fundamentals necessary to live in a thermally more comfortable home that uses less electricity, simply click on the button above that best suits you.

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