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Energy Efficiency 101 is a 9 module online course incorporating the benefits of Essential Home Design, Energy Efficient Appliances and Habits. It will benefit home buyers and renters alike covering the key aspects that makes a house more thermally comfortable, worth statistically 15% more in the market place, worth 7% more to rent and reveals the practical secrets of how a household can reduce their electricity bills by 10% to 50% starting immediately whether you own or rent. For many households the EE101 pays for itself after a few quarterly bills and then keeps giving forever. 
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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Similarly, once your new home’s foundations are down, you can’t change the home’s orientation. DON’T by a block of land, and certainly don’t build anything, until you understand the FOUR key building aspects that will effect your home’s energy efficiency performance. The thermal performance of a home is determined well before it is ever built. If you want a home that is thermally more comfortable, uses 40% less energy, is worth 15% more and rents for 7% more than the average house simply by design, then.
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TankVac is a rainwater tank cleaning system that needs NO electricity and only uses excess rainwater to clean the sludge from the bottom of the tank. TankVacs are energy neutral because mother nature puts the energy in and there is never any wasted water as after cleaning the tank is always left full to the brim.
That’s science and nature working together.
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Extend the practical life of your batteries for them to last twice or even three times longer than would generally be expected. Megapulse units gently break up the sulphation that reduces the life and reliability of all lead-acid batteries. They quietly work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year, prolonging the life of either a single battery or a group of batteries set up in series/parallel or a mixture of both with a dedicated voltage for the system. Click here for more information

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