Megapulse Battery Conditioning

Who wouldn’t want any battery they own to last twice or even three times longer than would generally be expected?
EVERYBODY, that’s who. Batteries aren’t cheap so extending their life for as long as possible is economically worth the effort.
The industry standard lead-acid batteries for our home’s stand-alone solar system originally cost around $14 000. In their application, they generally last from 5 to 7 years and maybe 10 years if you are really lucky. Our batteries haven’t had to power our home since 2012 but they did get plenty of action from 2001 to 2012 when my family was growing up and for the last 8 years they have supplied power to two sheds. Yes they usually have an easier life nowadays but they occasionally get a good workout being still fit for purpose after they started their 19th year of use in June 2019.
I still expect a few more good years out of them yet.  You may well ask, “How is this so“?


The VEES sells in Australia for $149          The HD648 sells in Australia for $199
Shipping cost is $10 in total for 1 to 2 units via Express post
or $15 in total for 3 to 5 units via Express post
All orders placed here go directly to Ross Naddei owner/inventor at Megapulse.
To order simply complete the form below.

These units gently break up the sulphation that reduces the life and reliability of all lead-acid batteries.
They quietly work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year, prolonging the life of either a single battery or a group of batteries set up in series/parallel or a mixture of both.

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