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Video 1

1. Why our energy bills are so low.
We live a home that has comfortable temperatures inside all year round. We have been supplying our electricity since 1996 and since 2012 we have been paid about $4000 a year to put power back into the grid and we don’t have to pay a bill. Would you like to know how we are doing this?

Video 2

2. How can my family do what you are doing?
You can probably reduce your electricity consumption and quarterly payments by copying some of the things that we do.

Video 3

3. I rent how can I reduce my electricity bill?
Just because you rent doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce your electricity bill by adopting good practices and using energy efficient appliances. You can start cutting your bill by about 10% starting now by eliminating your households “phantom loads”

Video 4

4. Don’t buy a block of land until you know this
Not every block of land has an aspect that permits ideal orientation of a home to more easily and less expensively build a dwelling with a thermal performance. Choose your land wisely.

Video 5

5. Don’t buy a home until you know this
Once a home has been built, retrofitting to improve thermal performance can be expensive frequently only achieving minor improvements. If you want a home with a high EER, then don’t buy one that doesn’t.

Video 6

For a home to thermally perform best, they should be designed and built to suit the climate zone and topography of the area.

Video 7

7. How does the solar rebate work?
REC? STC? Rebate ???????????

Video 8

8. Tips for Real Estate Agents and Investors
Homes that thermally perform better sell for more money, rent for more money and are more comfortable to live in. Why wouldn’t you want to buy or live in one?

Video 9

9. Are solar panels worth it?
Fitting solar panels is not economically viable for everyone because for many single occupancy dwellings the payback time is too long. Having said that most homes benefit well from joining the solar panel family.

Video 10

10. Instant Hot Water Advantages
Hot water produced on demand does not require heavy storage units that need constant boosting because of heat loses. Electrically speaking, this is a much more efficient option and only one water pipe is required to transport water throughout the buildi

Video 11

11. A Solar Panel in Action
A solar panel directly runs a bilge pump.

Video 12

12. Batteries in Series and Parallel Explained
Two 12 volt batteries set up in series then set up in parallel showing voltage for both.

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Mums and Dads discover some clever tricks on how to reduce your electricity bill

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