Home Energy Efficiency Habits. The most expensive kWh of electricity you will ever buy is one you never needed to pay for in the first place.

On every electricity bill, in every quarter, there will be an unnecessary cost of electricity that you will be required to pay that you didn’t have to.

For many people, this added expense will be substantial and its origin very possibly unknown. If any wasteful habit is not identified or deemed worthwhile addressing, then it will simply continue.

For those who take the time to identify any wasteful practice and then develop the habit to avoid the waste, the success of the exercise is identified in the next quarterly or monthly bill.

My family grew up with a stand-alone electricity supply where we collected solar energy which were stored in a battery system that supplied all of our electrical needs. Back in those days, years before the turn of the century, stand alone energy supplied systems were very expensive so our family developed very energy efficient habits which we now just do automatically.

Habits, either good or bad, are simply the automatic, unconscious default. Reducing your electrical consumption by 20% simply by adopting more energy efficient habits is the same as getting a 20% discount taken off your bill and generally, it isn’t that difficult to do. The first concept to grasp is that all of those little wastages all add up.

Never underestimate the cost of any known wasteful behaviour regardless of how insignificant it may be. If you live in home with other people, they need to be “rowing in the same direction” as well.

Each week I give a weekly tip on Moreton Bay Community Radio Station FM101.5 on how a home’s occupants may reduce their electricity bill. Mostly they refer to practices that both renters and owners can benefit from. I have also supplied extended unaired information which is available online at the radios internet site for those who interested people. I also give a 45 minute to 1 hour talk on energy saving practices at meetings within my community and frequently into the greater community at venues including scheduled Library talks within the area.

Frequently people who start making the effort to do better in any venture extend their efforts to do even better again until a “best practice” habit becomes their “modus operandi”.

We most certainly put in the extra effort and now we continue to reap the rewards and probably will do forever should any of us be fortunate to live that long.

Sure changing a habit is an effort but “there is no comfort in a growth zone, neither is there growth in a comfort zone”.

When you have developed the good habits that has your household not paying for electricity it didn’t need, that becomes your new comfort zone and you can rest reaping the rewards without any measurable effort. One rung of the ladder at a time is probably best and running a marathon on your first day is also NOT recommended.

The internet is awash with ideas on how to reduce your electricity consumption without compromising your living standards. I have more information easily accessed on my site “suburbanoffgridliving.com” as well so information on the subject is readily available.

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Not leaving an unused iron on all night would be an obvious waste of electricity however the plethora of habits that can be modified in each household may be unique. All these habits add, even if only marginally, to a bill that could have been much lower. It may take some thought, which frequently identifies behaviours that may be well worth modifying for a better outcome.

Take the time to assess which practices you can modify to reduce your electricity bill. Put in the effort now and continue to enjoy the rewards into the future.

John Lynn