Discover The Secret Of How To Save On Electricity

Over the last few years I have given talks at community centres and council libraries on how households can reduce their electricity bills.

The focus of these talks is aimed at the general demographic of the area and I supply information that can be used by households who are buying their own home or by those households who rent.

Because I have no outlay other than my time and travel costs, the events that I schedule at these venues are always free to attend.

Council libraries always do their own in-house advertising however frequently knowledge of the event can be obtained from newspaper articles or from radio announcements.

Before I begin talking at these events, I usually administer a quick survey to find out the percentage of the audience attendees who rent. These are generally the people I aim my talk at, hoping to plant a seed or “put a flea in the ear” of those attendees so they may benefit by discovering as many energy efficient “hacks” as possible.

Interestingly enough, the trend is that the people who are doing well, that is, those who are buying their own homes tend to be the majority of people in the audience. That is, the people who are already doing well, more readily invest their time to see how they can do better.

I have spoken at events in areas that have a renting population of more than 60% in the immediate community however a survey of the attendees show that this demographic is under represented in the audience. Having had a background in education, I see the value in being informed.

Those who make the effort to self-educate when an opportunity arises are numbered with those who improve their lives steadily over time. In the communities with populations in the vicinity of more than 60 000 people, rarely are there more than two dozen people who take the opportunity to attend.

I well understand that not everyone is available at the time the events are held and not everyone within the community will even be aware that such an event is available to them but if you want to do better, you have to learn how to do better.

The participants who take the time to attend these event are usually already better informed than the average man in the street and they then take the opportunity to pick up a few more tips and become even more informed.

I have the philosophy that life is not an Olympic sport.

To stand out in a crowd you do not have be exceptional. Even a little effort will separate you from the many. I have also heard it said many times that “simply turning up on time is 80% of the job”.

When people want more from life, some effort beyond the norm is required and that may not always be convenient at the time, but, “there’s no growth in a comfort zone”, so put yourself out a little to do better for you and your family. Consequently, “there is no comfort in a growth zone” so be prepared to be slightly inconvenienced, at least in the short term, so that you can benefit in the long term.

If you want to discover the secret of how to save on electricity, or in fact if you want to discover the secret of how to learn how to do anything, it is putting in the effort when an opportunity knocks.

Whinging that your electricity bills are too high will not help to reduce them. You actually need to do something about it, and you can do something about it if you know what to do and how to do it.

The Good Book says that “a wise man seeks advice“, so my suggestion would be, if you want to reduce your electricity expenditure, put in whatever effort is required to learn what you need to know how to achieve that objective.

Continually reaping the benefits of a learnt skill is enjoyed whilst the effort taken to acquire that skill is long-forgotten.

Once these energy efficient practices are discovered and they become household habits, you will not have to put in any effort at all to reap the rewards.

Take the time to invest in yourself and put in a little effort now to
enjoy a lifetime of rewards >>>LEARN MORE>>>

John Lynn