Consultancy     (whether buying or building, … avoid the pitfalls)

Have you ever put on your shoes and socks?             No, … you really haven’t.
When it comes to building a new home, most people do the first things last and, what they should have done first, they do last.
Most people buy a block of land, and then ring a builder to design, get approval for building, meet the mandatory NatHERS requirements, (don’t know what they are ?, …. many builders don’t either), get council approval, cost the project and organise the physical construction.
It’s the way we’ve been led to believe is best.
If you do things in a more convenient order, eg put your socks on before you put your shoes on, you get a much better outcome.

Let’s get the order correct from a “put on your socks and shoes” perspective.
It doesn’t sound as familiar, BUT, … it results in a much better outcome.
1. When you know the general area you want to live, decide on the design/layout of the home you want to build.
      Have your home design before you look for land.
2. Find a block of land in the location where you want to live that will easily allow the construction of the home at the ideal orientation.
      If you can’t build the home that you want on the land you are looking at, look for another suitable block of land.
3. Make any necessary modification on plan relevant to the climate zone and topography of the location to attain the desired NatHERS rating.
     Build for your climate zone taking the specific characteristics of the land (topography etc) into account and build the home with the highest star rating.
4. Now, only after this is done, is it time for you to shop around for a builder or project manager who can construct the dwelling inside your budget.


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