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This website, “Suburban Off Grid Living” has been constructed to share information with people who want to become more energy self-reliant. The key concepts to master include the orientation of a home, placement of building materials with high thermal mass, glazing and insulation. Matching the most efficient energy sources for the job, eg using gas for cooking as well as using energy efficient electrical appliances, significantly reduces a households financial expenditure on energy.  When coupled with a families good energy efficient habits, electricity bills can be reduced significantly.

As solar panels continue to reduce in price and increase in efficiency, more and more people are using less and less grid electricty.
Going off the electricity grid is merely a concept involving the reduction of a household’s dependency on established infrastructure.
No one truly goes off the grid, nor would they want to. You may produce all the energy you need or you may collect an excess of electricity that you can export to the grid, as we do, however, you will still have a dependency on others for the supply of other goods and services that you and your family consume.
Each member of any society benefits from the expertise of others and generally contributes their expertise back into the community.

No one has the capacity to become adequately proficient in every skill that is required to live in a modern community. Even if you could build your own computer, the components required for its construction need to be mass produced in a factory where the economies of scale make the production viable. Few people will build their own car or do their own dental work. To say that you are going off the grid indicates your willingness to move your position along the scale of your dependency on the goods and services supplied by an already established infrastructure. Whilst this may cover a plethora of subjects, the key focuses are generally energy, food and water.
Our focus at this site is increasing the thermal comfort of a home and reducing the electricity consumption.  Usually these go hand in hand.

People elect to become more self-reliant for a number of reasons including economic, reducing their environmental footprint or even regaining some of their sovereignty. If you are reading this then you have an interest in one or more of these areas and will more than likely benefit from some information that can be gleaned from this site. Please share this information with like-minded people.

I invite you to share our site and also any of our posts with others who you think may find benefit.


John Lynn


About John Lynn

John Lynn is a retired school teacher with 37 years experience. He has worked in both primary and high schools with much time spent in “support” after completing post graduate studies in Special Education at Griffith University in 2001.

After becoming interested in “alternative energies” in the late 80s and early 90s, he put together several stand-alone solar systems which lead him to undertake studies in Renewable Energy Technologies at Ithica TAFE in Brisbane in 1999. 
Starting in 1996 on his property near Woodford Qld. Australia, he has gained practical experience in building and collecting solar energy and storing solar energy in “stand alone systems” including 12volt, 24 volt and 48 volt systems.  Storage capacity in these systems have ranged from 1.2 kWh to 42 kWh.  He designed and owner built an energy efficient Passive Solar Home which supplied all of its own electricity from 2001 until 2012 when he installed an interactive system which exports surplus electricity into the grid paying him around $4000 per year without his household getting an electricity bill.

He has house batteries which normally last 7 to 10 ten years now well into their 19th year and still functioning well after powering his family’s home from 2001 until 2012.  The batteries now supply electricity to two sheds on his property and still see plenty of action.
His home is cool in the summer with the summer sun denied access to the long northern wall of the home whilst allowing the winter sun to flood through the windows. The home, where his three daughters were raised, has operated on 3 kWh to 8 kWh per day since its construction with little if any need to warm or cool the home.

He is involved with numerous families within the community who also have been living similar lifestyles for over 20 years that are now only recently starting to become popular.

Since mid 2017 he has been active in supplying advice to people seeking to purchase land, designing new homes or retrofitting existing buildings. Access to more information can be obtained by clicking the link at bottom of this page.

As the desire for more understanding of the advantages of Energy Efficient Homes increases, in late 2018 John has extended his educational program to include Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors.

Important Information for Real Estate Agents and Investors revealed by clicking on the FREE video link below.

Since mid 2019 John has been local community radio station FM101.5 ‘s “Energy Expert” and gives weekly tips to the community on how households can effectively reduce their electricity bills each Friday morning commencing 10:10 am. John speaks regularly at venues including free information nights at libraries in the Moreton Bay Region.

If you want to limit your dependency on the corporate systems, regain some sovereignty, reduce your footprint or simply just save money whilst improving your living standards, then you've come to the right place. See what this site is about and check out our videos in the services menu with free tips and advice from people who are already doing what you want to do.

Mums and Dads discover some clever tricks on how to reduce your electricity bill

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To easily discover the most important fundamentals necessary to live in a thermally more comfortable home that uses less electricity, simply click on the button above that best suits you.

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